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From: Secret ID
Subject: Down BackThis story is completely true, just names have been changed. If you wish,
you can look for my other stories, "Late Night" in the relationships
section, or you can look up "Navy Guy" in the adult/youth section. Please
email BOTH comments and remarks to Secretid8221hotmail.com and make the
subject either Nifty Story or Down Back. Thanx guys!Down BackI'm Jake, 16, brown hairy, hazel eyes, and about 150lbs. I'm average build,
mild body hair. Andy is 23, blond hair, blue eyes, 155-160lbs, average
build I would say.It was already getting late, and I'd had a boring day, and so far boring
night. There was nothing to do except sit in the computer and look at porn,
but what else does a 16 year old do? Andy and I were just talking, nothing
in particular, but then the conversation turned to sex of course. Both of
us being really horny, when the topic arose of fooling around, were we
really going to back down? No....It must've been around 1:20AM when my phone rang, Andy letting me know that
he was pretty close. "Ok, meet me down back." big boob underage I told him and I headed
outside.We headed inside the building once he got there and underage virgin gallery made our way to the bed.
We started off w/ small talk, of course. Andy's eyes kept goign towards
the growing tent in my pants. My 7 incher was begging to come out."C'mon, I haven't even done anything yet and look at you." Andy teased."Fuck you." I snickered looking down at his hand rubbing his hardon.""Oh, we'll get to that." And Andy moved in and placed a kiss on my lips,
parting them to underaged asian sex let his tongue enter. Wrapping my arms around him, I pulled
him down ontop of me, keeping the kiss going. Through our pants, our cocks
were pressing into each other, only making me hornier, if possible. I
reached my hands between our bodies and began undoing his shirt, then
pulling it off of him. Andy broke the kiss and sat up, letting me admire
his body. I ran my hands up and down his chest, playing with his nipples as
I passed. Pushing him down on his back, I sat ontop of him. Moving down, I
started licking up and down his chest, letting my tongue swirl around his
nipples. He pulled me up and removed my shirt. I layed back petite teenies underage down, letting
our hot bodies make contact as we kissed more."Ok.. enough w/ the foreplay, just fucking take it out." Andy rushing
things along. Without fuss though, I undid his belt and pants, sliding them
down and off, revealing his leaking 6inch cock. I went down, swirling my
tongue around his balls, taking each one into my mouth, moving my tongue
over them."That's it. Ohhhhhh." Andy whispered as I continued to pleasure him. I
ran my tongue up his shaft, then down, then back up to the head, lapping up
the precum that was leaking out everywhere. With that sweet taste in my
mouth, I took all 6 inches down my throat."Fuck yeah, you work it baby" Andy underage illegal nude
was telling me as we put his head back,
closing his eyes. Up and down I began on his cock. Andy placed his hands
upon my head, holding it in place, as he thrusted with his hips and began
face fucking me. I forbidden underage teen
could tell he was getting close to cumming, his body
tensing and his breathing getting faster. I forced myself off his cock."Fuck you!" He smiled when I layed back down on the bed... waiting for my
turn. Andy pulled down my sweatpants, leaving my silk boxers on. Rubbing
my cock with his hands, it felt amazing with the silk. Removing my boxers,
he immediately began by taking my meat down his throat. He reached down,
rolling my balls in his hand."Mmmmm, that's so good.. don't stop." I was saying to him. Coming off my
cock, he licked down my shaft, over my balls and kept going lower. Lifting
up my legs, he got better access to my underage russian angels awaiting hole. Running his tongue
over it sent chills through my body."I want your cock up underage erotic nudes
there so bad.""Oh, you're gunna fucking get it kid. I'm gunna pound the fuck out of it."
Andy said quickly before returning to my hole. Lathering it up with his
tongue, he moved back up to my cock taking the whole thing down his throat
yet again. He reached down with his hand, inserting one, and then two
fingers into my ass."Fuck yeah.. mmmm... I just want that to be your cock. Not telling me...
Andy flipped me over, reaching behind him for the lube. First lubing his
cock, then my ass, he inserted his fingers back in. I got up on my knees,
face down on the bed, giving him the best access. Without warning, he
removed his fingers, quickly replacing it by his cock, slamming into me full
force. I closed my eyes, first in a little pain, but then in so much
pleasure. Not easing up he pounded my ass, just like he promised."You fucking like that? You like it when I'm deep inside you?""OHHHHHHH FUCK" I moaned, not being able to reply with much more. Andy
flipped me over, so now I was on my back, legs over his sholders, and he
pushed all the way in and stayed there, but only to lean down and kiss me.
Our tongues were in a fierce war and his was thrusting his hips back and
forth. I was in complete extacy he could tell.. and then the fucker pulled
out."You're turn bitch"Him getting into the position, I went down on his as with my tongue, giving
him a sensational rim job."Stick that tongue in there boy" He told me as I worked on his sweet hole.
Reaching next to me, I grabbed the lube and lubed up my cock, still working
on his hole with my tongue. underage model sexy I was so horny though, I knew I couldn't last
much longer. I got up on my knees, placed the remaining lube on my hands
onto his ass, and then slid my cock into him. He winced in pain, as I put
all 7 inches in. I stopped though, just so he could get used to it."Just go for it kid..." With that, I slowed pulled out, but the slammed as
hard as I could back in, continuing to do this, faster each time. I reached
down to his cock and began jacking it as I fucked him."Fucking pound that ass bitch.. Fucking underage porno nude
pound it as hard as you can."
That's just what I did. Getting closer I slowed down a bit, just so he
could catch up. I felt his ass muscles tightening, and him tensing up. I
knew he was close, so I just pounded away."I'm gunna fucking CUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMM" I yelled and on the last thrust in
shot atleast 6 times deep underaged pregnant nude into his ass."FUCK YEAH BITCH AHHHHHHHHHH" He was saying as he shot all over my hand,
and bed, getting some on his chest. After both done cumming, I pulled out
of his ass, some of the naked nudist underage cum dripping out as I did. underage illegal nude
Laying there for a
couple minutes making out, we decided to clean up as it was now about 3AM.Andy left, and I walked up to the house and got in the shower, only to jack
off again.-----------------This wasn't the best of my stories, but send your comments and remarks to
Secretid8221hotmail.com. Thanx guys.
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